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American Biltrite International (ABI) Tape Division (www.abitape.com) is one of three ABI divisions. Founded in 1908 and currently headquartered in Moorestown, NJ, USA.

From the creation of our very first line of friction tapes in 1908, ABI Tape has enjoyed an era of excellence designing some of today’s most valued pressure sensitive adhesive tape solutions for a multitude of markets.

Guided by our values of Integrity, Teamwork, Social Responsibility, Customer Service, and Safety, our people operate with the utmost care and sincerity to serve our customers, community, and each other. We are devoted to our vision and will work tirelessly to exceed our customers’ expectations for many years to come.
Our vision

“We are a global team committed to creating the highest value for our customers with customized tape solutions”

Worldwide Offices

The ABI Tape team spans the globe and our international presence allows us to swiftly serve customers around the world. ABI Tape Headquarters is located in picturesque Moorestown, New Jersey, USA. This is the coating plant where protective and transfer papers and films are produced. Another manufacturing plant is located in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. Here we produce tape products that serve the HVAC, Industrial, Insulation, and Shoe and Leather Goods markets.

ABI Tape operates converting facilities in Belgium, Singapore and Italy, where master rolls are converted into smaller sizes. Sales offices at the Belgium, Singapore and Italy locations and sales representatives in Shanghai and Seoul enable us to provide a faster response to customer demands in the EMEA and Asian markets.


A Tale of Tape

The year when New York City first dropped a ball to celebrate New Year’s Day, the Wrights took their first passenger up in an airplane, and Henry Ford introduced the Model T. It was also the year when two young men, Miah Marcus and Frank Bernstein, chased their dreams and founded the company that would eventually come to be known as American Biltrite Inc.

American Biltrite Inc. began primarily as a rubber company, manufacturing heels and soles for the shoe industry. In the 1920s other rubber products, such as flooring tiles and a decade later raincoats, were added to the product portfolio.

American Biltrite acquired Boston Woven Hose. This company produced hoses, belts, jar rings and … a collection of rubber friction tapes. This turned out to be the first of many steps, that would later form a separate division.


A tape distributor for shoe and leather goods in Belgium is acquired by Ideal Tape US. The new name Ideal Tape Belgium continues to service the shoe and textile industry in Belgium.

American Biltrite formed, among other divisions, the American Biltrite Tape Division – or – ABI Tape. To enhance it, ABI bought Accurate Manufacturing in Garfield, NJ and Hampton Manufacturing in New Rochelle, NY and Lowell, MA.

American Biltrite split into two publicly traded companies – 1) US Heel and Sole Business and 2) American Biltrite (ABI) with three divisions a) Industrial Rubber Products b) Tape c) Flooring.

With the acquisition of the Ideal Tape Company, which is still based out of Lowell, MA, came Ideal Tape Belgium. Though ABI had already been doing business worldwide, with the addition of the Belgian location, would officially take ABI Tape International.

The American Biltrite Far East (ABFE) plant opened its doors in Singapore. Much like the Belgian location, the main functions are tape conversion and distribution in the Eastern Asia and Australia.

American Biltrite Italy (ABItalia) starts its location as a spins off of ABI Tape EAMER. The business focus is on tape products for premium leather goods such as shoe and handbags.

ABI Tape EAMER produces its first die-cut shape tape products in sheet and later also in roll form. Initial focus was on die cuts shapes for leather goods and electrical applications. Later the automotive die-cuts products are added.  

2018ABI Tape EAMER sells its first non-tape product. It is AutoCover by ABI, a product specifically designed to protect the newly built car during transit and storage. By doing so – ABI Tape is now the first and even in present day, the only company, that can call itself the one-stop-shop for all automotive protective needs.

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