ShapeRite - tape shapes for automotive protective solutions


Customized shapes to facilitate application process

Plant efficiency is a driving force in the automotive industry. The emphasis is on speed and reducing non-value adding time. That is why customized solutions that reduce application time, are key in the production processes of OEMs and Tier 1s.
ABI Tape doesn’t sell tape, we provide protective solutions that help improve plant efficiency. How does it work?

  • A protective piece of tape, pre-cut in the desired shape, avoids having to cut it to size during assembly – making the product consistent so there are no unprotected spots;

  • A dispenser system, ensures easier, smoother and faster application of the protective film rather than applying it manually.

ShapeRite in action

We customize our protective films to every possible shape. From small chrome finishes to pillars of over one meter. The most common ShapeRite applications are listed below.

ShapeRite formats and measurements

Sheets or ROLLS

ABI Tape offers choice: die-cuts in roll -or- sheet form. If you prefer rolls you still have the option to have the die-cuts on a liner -or- selfwound (no liner). Die-cuts on a sheet are always on a liner


Depending your application, the right type of cut is determined: full cut, kiss-cut, perforated or a combination. Another decision to make on the type of manufacturing: rotary, plotting or laser cut are all possible at ABI Tape


The length of the die-cut can vary from 1 cm to more than 1 meter. This makes our ShapeRite products suitable for every possible car part, regardless the size or shape


Wheelmask can be seen as a particular die-cut application, especially designed to protect wheel caps against rust during transport. Wheelmask is manufactured to different sizes and die-cut to fit specific rim designs. It has the following characteristcs:

  • Polyprop film with acrylic adhesive
  • Protects hubcap against damage
  • Prevents brake rotor corrosion
  • Customized to fit every wheel design
  • Selfwound on a roll or on a release liner sheets
  • Easily applied & removed during vehicle preparation process

ShapeRite tape dispensers

Application processes can differ between customers or even between plants. At ABI Tape we stretch our responsibility further than ‘just’ delivering protective tapes. Our automotive team is keen to offer a solution that suits client’s application process best. By doing so, the focus is on improving plant efficiency and minimizing ergonomic stress. We have different types of dispenser systems that can help our customers during the application process.

ABI understands that customized dispenser systems are not your core activity. We can modify our designs to integrate seamlessly into your production / assembly process, while balancing speed, consistency, ergonomics and cost (labor and tools).

The process from design to approval


Technical drawing

You understand the part that needs to be protected. We understand the die-cut process, but the challenge is often in the application process. That is why it is important to work with a technical drawing format that can be modified by our graphic department. If we are not provided with the technical drawing, we need the actual part to (re)create.

Sample plotting

Upon agreement of the technical drawing, our graphic center produces samples on a sheet with a graphic plotting machine. These samples will be sent to the client’s production plant for a fitting test.

Fitting test

During this test, the samples are applied onto the part that needs to be protected. If modifications are required, ABI Tape will modify the technical drawing and plot new samples until you are satisfied.

application test

During this test, we provide the first sample row in order to simulate the application process and test the dispenser-system. 

Large batch size production

In the last step, we will switch from the sample series to production. This involves ordering the die-cut knives according to the agreed upon design and start larger batch size production.
Need a tape shape solution?

Do you need a middle of the road or a specialty - ABI Tape has a right product. Our team will help you to find a perfect match.

Learn more about Automotive Tapes & Solutions or Contact our product specialist for more information


Do you need a technical drawing of the surface that we want to protect?

Yes, we prefer to receive a technical drawing as detailed as possible.
This technical drawing will be plotted in order to send you some samples.
Once approved we can switch to serial production.

Do we need any tools to apply ShapeRite?

Strictly speaking, there are no tools required to apply ShapeRite.
Nevertheless, a squeeguee will help to avoid wrinkles.
Note that this is only for aesthetic purposes as ShapeRite is designed to also perform with wrinkles.

Are there any conditions that must be fulfilled before applying ShapeRite?

Yes. In order to assure a sufficient tack level, make sure that the surface is dry and dust-free.

Where can I find the application instructions for ShapeRite?

The application instructions are different for each specific application.
Contact our automotive team in order to receive specific instructions for your application.
If desired, our team is willing to come on site to give a training.

What is the shelf life of the ShapeRite products?

6 months.