Composite moulding tapes for Automotive industry


Why ABI Tape's composite moulding tapes

ABI Tape composite moulding tapes are used in the production of composite parts like battery trays, car bodies for race cars, A/B/C pillars, bulkheads, hoods, inner door panels, mirror housings, chassis (parts).
The tapes are available in several thicknesses, adhesive systems, colors and other characteristics to be used in the construction of automotive parts.

Depending on the exact use of the tape, the maximum temperature and pressure, the needed colour, etc. a different tape may be chosen.Mostly the tapes are used to mask bond lines, to avoid or reduce flash (“the spill-over over the resin”), to protect the mould or different layers in the composite moulding process or simply to hold the foils, vacuum bag and films on their place. 

Technical features ABI Tape's polyester tapes

In a highly technical market it is best to talk facts and figures to explain on how are tapes are so applicable within composite moulding applications:


High thermal resistance: up to 203°C

Composite Bonding Design

High adhesion to different materials, especially on moulds

Masking Applications

Temperature resistant and different adhesion levels

Easy Removal

Unique proprietary formulations as to withstand tearing when removing the flash tape

Overview of ABI composite moulding tapes

ApplicationApplicationTemperature resistance *Total thickness (mm)Adhesion to steel (N/25mm)Adhesive SystemColorProduct#
MA-9148Mould protection, bond line masking, resin overage (“flash”) removal205 °C0,068SiliconeDark blueMA-9148 | HO-9148 | PR-9148
MA-9248Mould protection, bond line masking, resin overage (“flash”) removal205 °C0,0911SiliconeDark blueMA-9248 | HO-9248 | PR-9248
MA-9548Mould protection, bond line masking, resin overage (“flash”) removal205 °C0,1711SiliconeDark blueMA-9548 | HO-9548 | PR-9548
MA-9180Mould protection, bond line masking180 °C0,107SiliconeRedMA-9180 | PR-9180
MA-9185Bond line masking180 °C0,107SiliconeLight greenMA-9185
HO-9166Mould protection, bond line masking, resin overage (“flash”) removal204 °C0,087RubberLight greenHO-9166 | PR-9166
MA-9266Mould protection, bond line masking, resin overage (“flash”) removal204 °C0,107RubberLight greenMA-9266 | HO-9266 | PR-9266
MA-9144Mould protection, bond line masking180 °C0,068SiliconeClearMA-9144
MA-9244Mould protection, bond line masking180 °C0,0911SiliconeClearMA-9244
MA-9190Bond line masking180 °C0,087SiliconeOpaque blueMA-9190
* Depending on i.a. pressure, time, pH, etc.
Need a composite moulding tape?

Do you need a middle of the road or a specialty - ABI Tape has a right product. Our team will help you to find a perfect match.

ABI Tape partners

Thinking with our partners to continue to develop new products to facilitate the production of composite parts for faster, more economical and bigger parts in the existing and new markets has led us to a wide array of different loyal partners who sell our products to the well-known leaders in their industry such as:

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What is the difference between the different polyester tapes?

Difference lays mainly in the backing thickness (thinner - thicker) and the adhesive system (silicone-rubber).

What can I use polyester tapes for?

Polyester tapes are mainly used for holding down, masking, isolating, jacketing, high temperature protection and flash protection applications.

What is the difference with other polyester tapes?

Our polyester backing, together with release coat and adhesive are proprietary formulations resulting in a very high product quality and ease of use.

Are die-cuts possible with your polyester tapes?

Yes, we do have a whole range of standard die-cuts. We can also produce bespoke die-cuts, following your requirements.

Can I order polyester tapes other than those mentioned on your website?

We can develop togheter with you a unique polyester tape if the quantities are sufficient. Please contact us for more details.