AirMask tape for bubble free transfer application

When do you need it

Bubble free vinyl was developed to eliminate bubbles during applications. It’s manufactured with a unique air-release liner but a regular transfer tape doesn’t adhere well to these liners.

AirMask is the world’s first transfer film for bubble free vinyl. It adheres well to exposed air-release liners and releases easily upon installation.

AirMask tape in action:

Need a transfer tape?

Do you have a standard or challenging transfer application? ABI Tape has the right solution. Our team will help you find the perfect match.

ABI Tape case study

Ora Design Group uses AirMAsk successfully for their bubble free decals. Before they switched to AirMask, they had problems with tunneling and bad adhesion to air egress liners. See how AirMask changed their business.

The solution for bubble free vinyl


  • Works with a wide range of vinyl and liner brands.


  • Adheres well to exposed air-release liners.


  • Releases cleanly and easily upon installation.


  • Designed for cold machine lamination.

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Can I use water during an application with a transfer tape?

Yes, some of our transfer tapes are suitable for wet application - TransferRite 1310, 1320, 1750, 782U and 792U.

Can I reuse a transfer tape?

We don’t recommend it. Our transfer tapes were developed for single use. When you reuse a transfer tape it could be that the transfer tape doesn’t adhere well to the vinyl decal.

Can I transfer any size and type of vinyl decal?

Yes, we have a matching transfer tape for every type and size of decal.

What is better, a paper or film transfer tape?

Both are perfect for transfer applications and have their specific benefits. Check out our ‘Transfer Tapes’ page to help you choose.

Are TransferRite transfer tapes better than transfer tapes from RTape, Poli Tape and Orafol?

Yes, we have the best quality available on the market.