TransferRite - transfer tapes for graphical applications


When do you need TransferRite

Since the 80’s sign shops have been trusting TransferRite to transfer vinyl decals for their graphical projects. Literally all over the world.

TransferRite is a worldwide trusted brand of transfer tapes in graphical applications. Besides transfer tapes we also offer you protective tapes and tools for vinyl decals and prints.

Application Possibilities

Sign makers rely on TransferRite to transfer vinyl and to protect their graphics and prints during storage, transport and installation.


To apply vinyl you need a good transfer tape. Cut vinyl, small decals, large decals... For every application we have a matching transfer paper or film.

Cut Vinyl

Self adhesive vinyl sheets can be cut in different shapes with a plotter machine. These shapes are called vinyl decals. Our transfer tapes just stick enough to pick up the vinyl decal and to transfer it safely onto any surface.
Without a transfer tape it’s impossible to transfer the decal properly.

Printed Vinyl

Vinyl sheets can also be multi colour printed. In some cases after print, it’s also cut in certain shapes so again you need a transfer tape to get the decal onto a surface.

Make the right choice

Paper -vs- film transfer tape

Wet applicationpngpng
Eco friendlypngpng

High -vs- low tack level

Large decal of more than 1 m, lettering larger than 30 cm.png
Medium sized one-piece decal, lettering from 5 cm up to 30 cmpng
Small sized one-piece decal, lettering smaller than 5 cmpng
Very small sized one-piece decal, lettering smaller than 1 cmpng
Etched glass filmpngpng
Reflective filmpng
* In most cases a medium tack transfer tape will perform well.

Thick -vs- Regular Transfer Paper

In most cases, a regular paper transfer tape will be a good match for the application. In the following cases we would recommend a thick transfer tape:

  • For wet application
  • For large, one piece decals
  • For more stability during handling
  • For more strength

Need a transfer tape?

Do you have a standard or challenging transfer application? ABI Tape has the right solution. Our team will help you find the perfect match.

TransferRite paper transfer tapes – ABI Tape Best Sellers

TR-6560lowregularTransfer paper for large decalsTR-6560
TR-0582mediumregularTransfer paper that will work for 80% of your applicationsTR-0582
TR-0592highregularTransfer paper for small decalsTR-0592
TR-0782mediumthickTransfer paper for decals where more stability and strength is neededTR-0782
TR-0792highthickTransfer paper for decals where more stability and strength is neededTR-0792

TransferRite film transfer tapes – ABI Tape Best Sellers

TR-1310mediumnormalTransfer film that will work for 80% of your applicationsTR-1310
TR-1320highnormalTransfer film for tiny decals and lettering, etched glass filmTR-1320
TR-1750mediumnormalTransfer film that will work for most applicationsTR-1750

So, why choose ABI Tape graphical products


  • The only tape manufacturer that allows you to order just 1 roll.

    When you need a pallet or more, we offer volume pricing.



  • Buying directly from the tape manufacturer will reduce your costs while ensuring the same quality.

    Don’t risk losing your carefully prepared decal by working with cheap transfer tape, rely on our reputation.



  • Orders received before 3PM CET – next day delivery is guaranteed.

    Only for deliveries to Germany, UK and Benelux.



  • Transfer tiny vinyl decals? Apply bubble free vinyl? We meet your needs with our broad product portfolio.


Can I use water during an application with a transfer tape?

Yes, some of our transfer tapes are suitable for wet application - TransferRite 1310, 1320, 1750, 782U and 792U.

Can I reuse a transfer tape?

We don’t recommend it. Our transfer tapes were developed for single use. When you reuse a transfer tape it could be that the transfer tape doesn’t adhere well to the vinyl decal.

Can I transfer any size and type of vinyl decal?

Yes, we have a matching transfer tape for every type and size of decal.

What is better, a paper or film transfer tape?

Both are perfect for transfer applications and have their specific benefits. Check out our ‘Transfer Tapes’ page to help you choose.

Are TransferRite transfer tapes better than transfer tapes from RTape, Poli Tape and Orafol?

Yes, we have the best quality available on the market.