AutoCover by ABI Tape - protective solution

What is Autocover

AutoCover is the latest addition to the family of protective solutions in automotive transit and storage. AutoCover is an alternative protective for the AutoWrap tape. It is made of laminated non-woven material.

There is a wide array of ways to attach this product to the car pending the model and/or your specific needs.

You can opt for a full body cover or just go for a HoodCover and/or RoofCover. For the interior you can opt for a SeatCover.  

Advantages of AutoCover

Improved protection

2-layer protection made from non-woven material and laminated with a PE-film. If desired, an extra layer of non-woven can be added as a 3-layer protective solution


AutoCover material is designed to stimulate airflow. This reduces condensation and prevents the development of mold onto the surface


As the tolerance levels of the products are tight, there is minimal room for deviation due to operator interpretation compared to the tape solution

Fast Application

Protection of the complete car within 2 minutes: roof, hood and trunk

Easy removal

To remove protection of the complete car will only take one minute


All our AutoCover products can be printed for marketing purposes

Demanding stress tests

  • Our AutoCover products are extensively tested during wind tunnel tests

  • The wind tunnel test simulates the effects of high-velocity transport

  • Behaviour of the covers during speeds up to 160 km/h are thoroughly analysed – assuring no blow-offs during transit

What car parts can be protected

Our AutoCover products are customized to specific car models. This speeds up the application and avoids unprotected spots.
An easy entrance in the vehicle is assured and the view is not obstructed so the car can still be driven.
The AutCover line offers protection for the following car parts:


Are you not sure if either AutoCover or Autowrap is the best answer for your protective need? We listed the key differences in this table below.




MaterialPolypropylene TapeNon-Woven materialNon-Woven materialNon-Woven material
Way of attachingRubber adhesiveSleeves and velcroDouble sided tape along the edgesHooks, slings and velcro
Delivery FormatRollUnitUnitUnit
Time to Apply (2 people)1-2 minutes1 minute1 minute2 minutes
Time to remove (1 person)1 minute30 seconds30 seconds1 minute
Level of customizationWidth and length of the rollFully customizedFully customizedFully customized
Shelf life time12 months6 months6 months6 months
Life time after application6 months6 months6 months6 months
Considering an AutoCover solution?

Contact us and together we explore the possibilities!

Fixation Options

Depending on the car part you want to protect, we have several fixation options available.



In order to keep the vehicles accessible and driveable once they are protected, the FullBodyCover line has several features and fixation options to choose from. Keep in mind that the list below is not exhaustive.
Adaptable straps with buckle closures to tighten the full body bag around the vehicle
Cut-out for the headlights
PVC windows to assure the visibility
Zipper to assure easy access to the fuel tank
Ventilation holes to secure the airflow from and to the engine
Zipper for the side mirror
Zipper for the doors



Do you need a technical drawing of the surface that we want to protect?

Yes, a technical drawing will help us during the RFQ-process.
However, to make the perfect fitting sample, a technical drawing is not sufficient.
We prefer to receive the actual car part in order to translate the 3D part into a 2D car cover. Afterwards, our automotive team will come on-site to do a fitting test and make modifications if needed.

Do I need any tools to apply AutoCover?

No, there are no additional tools required.

Are there any conditions which must be fulfilled before applying AutoCover?

Yes. In order to assure a sufficient tack level, make sure that the surface is dry and dust-free.

Where can I find the application instructions for AutoCover?

Contact our automotive team in order to receive specific instructions for the application. If desired, our team is willing to come on site to give a training.

What is the shelf life of the AutoCover products?

6 months.