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ABI Tape for Graphics

Sign and print shops play an integral part in the world of visual communication. This is where ideas, creativity and expertise are converted into eye catching signs.

In the world of vinyl graphics, vinyl and tape go together like a hammer and a nail. Vinyl brings the sign to life and transfer tape is essential to apply the cut vinyl on its final destination.

Since the 80’s ABI Tape has been a top 3 player in the world of transfer tapes. We have a variety of paper and film transfer tapes, premasks and protective tapes for the sign, screen, digital and specialty graphics markets. For every application and every surface, we have a suitable product.

Graphical tape categories


Paper and film transfer tapes to apply vinyl decals

Protective Tapes

To protect your screen printing pallets and your graphics...


Additional tapes that are useful for the graphical industry

Application tools

Dispensers, squeegees and other helpful tools in cut vinyl applications

ABI Tape graphical brands


A worldwide trusted tape brand in graphic transfer and protective applications


World’s first transfer tape designed for bubble free vinyl decals with structured liners


Various dispensers to apply transfer tape onto the vinyl decal


Transfer tape with a grid pattern that comes in sheets and rolls ...

Other tapes

Double-sided tapes

A worldwide trusted brand of strong double sided tapes


To transfer polyurethane (PU) graphics onto textile

SetRite Tape

Self-adhesive paintable and removable wallpaper used for temporary theatre and movie set backdrops


An environmentally friendly solution for the screen printing industry to protect their pallets
Need a tape to transfer your vinyl graphics?

Need a multi-purpose or a specialty tape - ABI Tape has the right product. Review our portfolio.

ABI Tape and other transfer tape manufacturers for vinyl graphics

Transfer tape manufacturers by comparison:

ABI TapeR TapePoli TapeOrafol
MOQ1 roll1 pallet1 pallet1 pallet
DeliveryNext day *???
Direct support **
* Orders received before 3PM CET – next day delivery is guaranteed. Only for deliveries to Germany, UK and Benelux
** Opening hours of our online support are 8:00 to 17:00 CET weekdays.

ABI Tape sign and print shop partners

Our growing number of Sign & Print shop partners:

So, why choose our graphical products


  • The only tape manufacturer that allows you to order just 1 roll.

    When you need a pallet or more, we offer volume pricing.


  • Buying directly from the tape manufacturer will reduce your costs while ensuring the same quality.

    Don’t risk losing your carefully prepared decal by working with cheap transfer tape, rely on our reputation.


  • Orders received before 3PM CET – next day delivery is guaranteed.

    Only for deliveries to Germany, UK and Benelux.


  • Transfer tiny vinyl decals? Apply bubble free vinyl? We meet your needs with our broad product portfolio.