Protective tapes for the Graphical Industry

When do you need a protective tape

Creating high quality prints and graphics is key to your business. Keeping them in good shape is as important for sign & print shops. ABI Tape offers you protective tapes to protect them during storage, transport and installation.

Another protective application is during screen printing production. Protecting your pallets has never been easier with our pallet tape. No more use of cleaning chemicals, just apply the screen printing protective tape and you’re good to go.

Application Possibilities

Prints & Graphics

Once your prints and graphical production have been completed, you may need proper protection to store, transport and install. Your selection of protective tapes depends on the surface, printing processes and material. We got you covered with our broad product portfolio.

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Screen printing / Position secure

Cleaning the pallets of your screen printing machine with harmful chemicals belongs to the past with our pallet tape. This protective paper offers you a reliable and environmental friendly solution. Apply, protect and remove. It’s as simple as that.

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ABI Tape protective tape solutions


A worldwide trusted tape brand in graphical protective papers and films


Unique premask film to protect digital prints and to protect/transfer bubble free vinyl

Pallet Mask

An environmentally friendly solution for the screen printing industry to protect their pallets. 

Make the right choice

ProtectRite paperProtectRite filmAirMaskPallet Mask
Printed vinyl
Digital prints
4 colour process prints
UV screen printed decals
Screen printed metal plates
Screen printing pallets
Outdoor protection

Adhesion level of ProtectRite


Paper protective tapes - ABI Tape Best Sellers

papermediumnormalNormal protective paper for general use on mid sized prints, vinyl decalsPR-0582
paperlownormalLow adhesion protective paper for large especially smooth surfacesPR-6560
papermediumnormalProtective paper to protect your screen printing palletsMA-0012
filmmediumnormalOutdoor durable blue film for flatbed print protectionPR-8510
Need a protective tape?

Do you need an all-round or a specialty - ABI Tape has the right product. Our team will help you to find a perfect match.

So, why choose ABI Tape protective tapes


  • The only tape manufacturer that allows you to order just 1 roll.

    When you need a pallet or more, we offer volume pricing.


  • Buying directly from the tape manufacturer will reduce your costs while ensuring the same quality.

    Don’t risk losing your carefully prepared decal by working with cheap transfer tape, rely on our reputation.


  • Orders received before 3PM CET – next day delivery is guaranteed.

    Only for deliveries to Germany, UK and Benelux.


  • Protective challenges and need an answer now? Ask your question here!

Learn more about tapes & solutions for Graphical Industry or Contact our product specialist for more information


Can I protect every surface with ProtectRite?

We have a wide range of protective films and papers for many different surfaces.

Can I easily remove ProtectRite?

ProtectRite protective films and papers are designed to be removed easily.

Are ProtectRite protective tapes better than protective tapes from other companies?

Yes, we have the best quality available on the market.