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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. HVAC is an important part of building structures and vehicles where safe and healthy building conditions are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity, using fresh air from outdoors.

Today these three functions (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) are integrated into one HVAC system. To improve the efficiency and lifetime of these systems, materials are needed to either seal & seam, insulate, reinforce, protect or reflect temperature for various components of the system, e.g. joints, seams, pipes, ductwork and/or power units.
Building permits and code-compliance inspections of the installations are normally required for all sizes of building. ABI Tape develops and produces tapes that meet the industry’s toughest specifications. As such, ABI Tape has proven to be a valuable partner for companies with innovative and demanding HVAC systems, even in regions with extreme climates.

For every HVAC challenge we have a suitable tape product

Is there one product that works for all HVAC applications? The answer is “No”.
Finding the right solution depends on several factors:

  • the type of application needed, e.g. sealing, reinforcing, protecting or fastening;
  • the type, shape and finish of the surface of the substrate to be applied;
  • indoor versus outdoor systems;
  • building permits and code compliance, e.g. fire hazards;
  • the ease of applying and removing without adhesive residues.
ABI Tape has a long standing reputation in the history of HVAC tape solutions. We have plenty of expertise to help you find the right protective solution from our broad and deep range of HVAC tape products.

Also try our Tape Matcher – here you filter at your own leisure through all our products, by selecting criteria that are important for your application.

Application within HVAc


Pic of IdealSeal 2000 applied on a duct
The joints between HVAC components and other seams need to be sealed to secure moisture barriers that combat rust, mold and contamination for years. Sealing tape also serves to prevent loss of flow pressure as a result of possible air leaks at joints or seams.


Applying tape by colleague with ABI Tape hard top
HVAC insulation tapes do not have an insulation function as the name may infer. They are called that way, because they are applied on insulation materials, to protect and hold the insulation together.

Protection / Jacketing

Applying tape by colleague with ABI Tape hard top on rooftop
High performance 6-ply laminate provides a total vapor barrier and complete moisture protection for outdoor insulation cladding and jacketing applications

UL 181 Tapes

UL 181 is a requirement applying to materials in the fabrication of air duct and air connector systems. The differences between an air duct and air connector lie in the testing they undergo by UL and as a result, the allowed uses by code.

What is the difference between UL 181A-P and UL 181B-FX?

In some HVAC applications, UL listings are critical for code compliance. This means the HVAC tape used has the proper adhesion and exceptional shear strength needed to stay in place effectively for the life of the HVAC system.
In order to receive a UL 181 listing, tapes that are used to seal air duct and air connectors are subjected to a battery of tests, including: Flame Resistance, Mold Growth & Humidity, Temperature, Static Load, Impact, Pressure, Collapse, Tension, Torsion and Leakage Test.
This testing determines if an HVAC tape will be able to receive a UL listing. Two commonly used on HVAC tapes are UL 181A-P and UL 181B-FX.

Image: Inspector pointing at UL print on applied IS2000
So what’s the difference?

UL 181A-P is the standard for HVAC tapes used to seam, seal and join rigid ductwork (or duct board).
This listing has more stringent testing requirements that must be passed in order to be approved and must be made of either aluminum or aluminum alloy foil with a minimum width of 2.5 inches. These tapes must also be constructed with a release liner.

UL 181B-FX is the standard for HVAC tapes used to seam, seal and join Class 1 Flex Duct.
Products meeting this listing are required to meet a minimum width of 1.825 inches, and can be made from a variety of materials such as foil, film or cloth.

ABI Tape has both UL 181A-P and UL 181B-FX certified tapes.

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ShapeRite : Pre-cut protective shapes

Image: Aluminum die-cuts applied 
If there is a specific shape that needs to seal a difficult corner, bent or valve, ABI Tape may also be able to support you. ShapeRite is a piece of tape which is pre-cut in the desired shape. This avoids having to cut it to size during assembly – making the product consistent so there will be no air leakage.

Our ShapeRite solutions are endless. You decide on the shape, size and material and ABI Tape enables. Of course an easy fingerlift or a split liner are possible to facilitate the application.
Need a HVAC tape?

Do you need a middle of the road or a specialty - ABI Tape has a right product. Our team will help you to find a perfect match.

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UL Listed HVAC tapes

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Our ShapeRite solutions are endless – you decide on the shape, size and type of material – ABI Tape delivers

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