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Manufacturers of finished and semi-finished products worldwide all have the same goal. In the end they want to deliver their products in perfect condition to their customers. To secure this process, they rely on high quality surface protection.

Semi-finished products go through additional steps in the production or assembly process or journey to a finished product. To prevent potential damages on the surface, one can chose to protect them against a harsh production / assembly environment. The same goes for finished products. Sometimes it is wise to protect finished products during storage, transport or display.

Tape can be an excellent protective against damages due to human interaction or other ambient factors. Damages such as scratches, dents, stains, UV impact, moisture, temperature changes and more.

ABI Tape developed the ProtectRite brand specifically for surface protection for all stages of product life cycle. From fabrication, to assembly, storage, transport, usage and disposal. We have tape protective solutions in various industries: automotive, aerospace, floor, glass, metal processing, graphical, ski and snowboard production, painted surfaces etc. In other words, we got you covered.

For every surface we have a suitable protective product

Isn’t there one tape product that works for all protective challenges? The answer is nothing short of a typical consultant response: “It depends …”.

Indeed, in this case, it does depend. Finding the right solution for your protective needs depends on several factors. Most notably the surface energy level of your substrate to be protected.

There are two contributing factors for surface energy namely the type of material of the substrate and the type of finish of the surface of the substrate

Review our FAQ to learn more about surface energy levels;

ABI Tape has a long standing reputation in the development of protective tape solutions. We have plenty of expertise to help you find the right protective solution from our broad and deep range of surface protection products.
In addition to surface energy levels, there is additional information needed to help determine the right product for your protective needs. A check list:
  1. The substrate needs to be protected against what?  Extreme temperatures, UV, windspeed, dirt and crud particles, bird droppings, hard handling, friction, other… ;
  2. The must haves / restrictions for laminating the protective tape. Does it need to unwind easily or tight, quick or slow stick, high or low tension, static or anti-static, high or low elongation, thickness / width and length etc.;  
  3.  What is the duration of the protection needed. Is it permanent protection or only temporary and for how long? (hours / days / weeks / month / year);
  4. Any removal and disposal requirements.
Also try our Tape Matcher – here you can filter at your own leisure through all our products, by selecting criteria that are important for your application.

ProtectRite: Protective Tape Solution for Various Industries

Protective Solutions in Automotive

Image (AW protected car)

Protective solutions to protect car parts and surfaces during production, assembly, storage and transit.

Protective Tape Solutions for Ski and Sport Boards Manufacturing

Image (Removing tape from a snowboard)

Tape products to protect top sheet and board surface during compression moulding, handling and sealing against epoxy seepage.

Protective Tape Solutions for Steel Processing

Image (Removing blue transparent tape from stainless deep drawing panel)

Tape products to protect metal (e.g. stainless steel) that undergoes the process of cutting, bending, stamping, deep draw and/or handling thereafter.

Metal / plastic / painted surface protection

Image (Removing blue transparent tape from stainless deep drawing panel)

Tape products to protect delicate surfaces during assembly, handling, storage and or transport.

Protective Tape Solutions for Carpet protection

Image (Removing transparent tape from carpet)

Tape products to protect textile surfaces against dirt and dust.

Protective Tape Solutions for Glass

Image (Removing transparent tape from glass)

Tape products to protect glass products during storage, transport, installation and handling thereafter.

Protective Tape Solutions for Marketing Collateral

Image (Removing 1510 tape from marketing collateral)

Marketing collateral goes through a number of painstaking steps before it gets installed on its final destination. Towards the end of this process, protective tape is a good solution to prevent damage, product stability and safe storage.

Need a surface protection product/solution?

Filter at your own leisure through all our protective products by selecting criteria that are important for your application.

Automotive : Green leaf initiative

AutoWrap GreenLeaf® is the first-of-its-kind, incorporating EcoPure® additive into our protective film to enhance degradation.

Time goes on, but GreenLeaf does not; it’s engineered to enhance the speed of AutoWrap decomposition in landfills. It’s the same premium paint protection you trust to perform.

Not all plastic sticks around

Our AutoWrap GreenLeaf films are engineered with EcoPure®, an organic additive designed to initiate and accelerate the plastic biodegradation process, only after reacting with microbes found in landfills. AutoWrap Greenleaf has been validated using the ASTM D5511 test method.

Guilt-free disposal

The comfort of knowing that AutoWrap GreenLeaf films break down over time allows for guilt-free disposal. You remove and discard it the same way you would standard films, but now you can feel confident knowing you’ve done your part for the planet.

AutoCover and WingCover : Non-adhesive protective solutions

If you are looking for temporary protection without any adhesives, ABI Tape provides custom made cover solutions
As part of the one-stop-shop for all your protective needs, we have added this solution to our portfolio in 2019 and currently service several OEMs in automotive and aerospace.

ShapeRite : Pre-cut protective tape shapes

If there is a specific shape that needs to be protected, ABI Tape may also be able to support you. ShapeRite is a protective piece of tape, pre-cut in the desired shape, avoids having to cut it to size during assembly – making the product consistent so there are no unprotected spots.

As part of the one-stop-shop for all your protective needs, we have added this solution to our portfolio in 2018 and currently service several OEMs and Tier 1s in automotive industry.

So, why our surface protection products?


  • ProtectRite embodies over 30 years of experience in surface protectve tape solutions. Today we service leading manufacturers in six different industries.


  • ABI TAPE does not only manufacture our protective tapes, we also convert to the right width and length, and can even supply with custom shapes with dispenser solutions.


  • Most of our protective tapes have the GreenLeaf® approval. This means that EcoPure® additive is integrated into our protective film to accelerate degradation.


  • Our lab is no longer the epicenter of new developments, the partner's production site is. Proactive partner engagement yields successful and lasting solutions.


What is surface energy of materials?
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How to Choose the Right Surface Protection Film and Avoid Problems
Review our checklist of questions to help choose the right protective tape solution for your specific need.

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