Our Services: The bridge between PSA and your production process

ABI Tape’s roots are in PSA tape manufacturing. Over time we came aware of the gaping hole between the tape product and the specific needs in production process. In an effort to bridge that gap, we added tape conversion to our capabilities. These steps contribute to our mission to become a tape solutions provider, rather than ‘just’ a tape manufacturer.

Over the years not only the number of converting capabilities grew, so did our expertise. Today, the quality of some of these converting resources have evolved to a level of excellence, that we now offer a set of these as a stand-alone services.

From our EMEA converting and distribution center in Belgium we offer the following services:

Converting Services:

Die Cutting
Rewind Slitting
Lathe Cutting



Laser Cutting

Other Services:

Application test center

Dispencer solutions

   If you have specific questions about our services, please contact our service team.

So, why choose ABI Tape as your partner for converting service


  • Our labs are no longer the center for developing new bonding solutions. Your production process and early integration are. This yields successful and lasting solutions.


  • Conversion of tape should be done with the application in mind. Smart conversion reduces waste and the carbon footprint on our planet.


  • Our conversion machine park is versatile. Plotters for sheet samples, laser cut for roll samples and rotary die-cut (with flex- or fix tools) for mass production.


  • Already identified your PSA material but not in the format or shape for your specific needs? With our conversion machine park and expertise, we are at your service.