Application Test Center | ABI Tape Services

In order to help you find the proper tape solution, we do need to understand your application. We can provide you with samples of our material, but likewise we ask you for samples of your material / substrate. We are, after all, a tape manufacturer, and have relevant test equipment to perform tests to simulate your application as closely as possible.  

Your Input:

In order to simulate your application as closely as possible, our team in the application test center needs the substrate on which the tape will be applied. Furthermore, a description of the application, the production steps before and after the application and the product that is currently used (or technical datasheet) will help us find the right match.

Our Technique:

At our test center, there are literally thousands of different tests, that can be performed. With our 300+ different tapes, that is not the right approach. Together with the customer, we determine what the key performance (not properties) indicators are for your specific application. Instead of working on the symptoms, we now work with the root cause or prime drivers of your application challenges. We have several measuring devices at our disposal to get a better insight on important technical properties: such as anchorage, peel force, elongation and tensile strength etc.

You understand your products and production process, we understand tape and various application processes. These joint product development projects have proven to be so much more successful than the traditional “only supplier provides tape samples” process. That is why we talk about partnerships rather than customer-supplier relationships.


our output:

The output of our joined product development process, is not a (tape) product. It is solution. And as soon as there are changes in either our product or your production / application process, we can easily adjust.