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This Cutting system is a single rotating blade on one mandrel

Lathe Cutting - ABI Tape Services
A lathe cut machine is a machine tool that rotates a roll about an axis of rotation to perform cutting. Unlike a slit rewind, the tape material is not unwound and nor rewound so the length of the produced rolls is identical to the original mother roll. The circular cutting tool(s) (see image below) cuts the tape into rolls.

Your Input:

ABI Tape provides you with our standard widths and length rolls. If the standard size does not fulfill your requirements, you may request your measurements as a custom size rolls at a minimumal additional cost.  The cost is minimal pending the created waste.

Our Lathe cut Capabilities:

At our conversion plant, we house 4 lathe cut machines.
Machine’s Maximum Working width: 1550mm. The tape width restrictions is dependent on the material and can go to a minimum of 16 mm (pending the material). Maximum O. D. of the log: 305mm. (12") on Ø 76mm (3”) mandrel.

Our Output:

At your request we can use your branded on the cores & boxes & pack per desired quantity.