ABI Tape – the confluence of industry and application

Automotive Tapes

Automotive Tapes 30+ years of experience in paint protective solutions in automotive and worldwide we are the only provider that develops and sells all of below solutions. We service 15 out of the top 20 OEMs and Tier 1s alike.

Graphical Application Tapes

Graphical Tapes Top 3 player in the world of transfer tapes. We have a variety of paper and film transfer tapes, premasks and protective tapes for the sign, screen, digital and specialty graphics markets.

Composite Moulding Tapes

Composite Moulding Tapes A rich history and excellent reputation developing and manufacturing polyester (PET) tapes and polyimide (PI) tapes for high-end applications. Today, we supply the top 3 composite material suppliers with our tapes.

Surface Protection Tapes

Surface Protection Tapes From fabrication, to assembly, storage, transport, usage and disposal. We have tape protective solutions in various industries: automotive, aerospace, floor, glass, metal processing, graphical, ski & snowboard, painted surfaces.

HVAC Tapes

HVAC Tapes Building permits and code-compliance inspections of the installations are normally required for all sizes of building. We develop and produce HVAC tapes that meet the industry’s toughest specifications.

ABI Tape Converting Services

Tape ServicesIn an effort to bridge that gap between the tape product and the production process, we added tape conversion to our capabilities. We are also a tape solutions provider, rather than ‘just’ a tape manufacturer.