AutoWrap - automotive protective solution


What is AutoWrap

AutoWrap is the foundation of ABI Tape’s family of protective solutions in automotive transit and storage. It was developed in the 70’s and even though paint systems in the industry have improved over the years, AutoWrap has evolved alongside it and continues to deliver the protective performance to 15 out of the top 20 OEMs out there today.

AutoWrap is a flexible, UV stable polypropylene film with ABI Tape’s renowned rubber adhesive.

AutoWrap in action

OEM approved

ABI Tape services 18 out of the top 20 global car manufacturers (OEMs)
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Need an AutoWrap solution?

Do you need a middle of the road or a specialty - ABI Tape has a right product. Our team will help you to find a perfect match.

Autowrap - vs - Autocover

Are you not sure if either AutoWrap or AutoCover is the best answer for your protective need? We listed the key differences in this table below:

MaterialPolypropylene TapeNon-Woven materialNon-Woven materialNon-Woven material
Way of attachingRubber adhesiveSleeves and velcroDouble sided tape along the edgesHooks, slings and velcro
Delivery FormatRollUnitUnitUnit
Time to Apply (2 people)1-2 minutes1 minute1 minute2 minutes
Time to remove (1 person)1 minute30 seconds30 seconds1 minute
Level of customizationWidth and length of the rollFully customizedFully customizedFully customized
Shelf life time12 months6 months6 months6 months
Life time after application6 months6 months6 months6 months

Where ABI Tape’s AutoWrap makes the difference

The style of modern day’s cars boasts more concave and convex contours. This makes the bodywork not only more complex to manufacture, but also more demanding to protect. The flexibility of AutoWrap tackles that challenge.

AutoWrap tape is coated with rubber adhesive. Rubber provides better performance than its acrylic counterpart as it:
  • is more forgiving for the outgassing process if applied right after the paint oven;
  • gives high initial tack if the cars need to be transported right after the protective material is applied;
  • wrinkles or folds do not hinder the protective performance;
  • does not react with water if this somehow gets in between the painted surface and the film.
Easy apply, at least 6 months of life time after applying, and easy removal.

AutoWrap product range

Our AutoWrap line contains several products that differ in thickness, colour and the surface on which it is applied.
The table below helps you decide which product is best suited for your application.

PR-019050WhiteCar body, side pillarsPR-0190
PR-018150WhiteCar body, side pillarsPR-0181
PR-0410100WhiteSide pillarsPR-0410
PR-851080Clear, blue, whiteMetal and metal coated finishesPR-8510

AutoWrap Application

Wrinkles or no wrinkles?

AutoWrap is designed to perform with or without wrinkles. Wrinkles might be the result of a fast application cycle. Even though it does not look good, there is no negative impact on the protective performance. Air bubbles and wrinkles can be eliminated by working from the center out to the edges of the surface using a squeegee.

One piece removal

Our AutoWrap products simplify dealership preparations. As long as the AutoWrap material has not been exposed to the sun for 1000+ hours, an easy and one piece removal is assured. A quick pull from one corner is sufficient to remove the film without tearing or ripping.

ABI Tape cutting knives

In order to assure a smoot and flush lay-out, our AutoWrap line contains ceramic cutters used to trim excess.
The blades are protected and designed to easily cut the protective film between panels without causing any scratches onto the surface.


ABI Tape’s experience with protective solutions in the automotive industry is extensive. As we service 20+ different OEMs around the globe, we have been exposed to many different situations. It varies from final assembly line processes that are fully automated to more primitive circumstances, small size cars to oversize cars, various paint systems, various ambient factors such as temperature, UV exposure, wind, precipitation and modes of transportation boat, train or truck.

In addition to a great product, we provide excellent service. We provide application training, instruction manuals, support field tests, advice on the final assembly line, choice of dispensers and other tools etc. The focus is on improving plant efficiency, optimal transit protection and minimizing operators’ ergonomic stress.

Total Cost Management

Within ABI Tape, we believe that our task goes beyond just selling our products. We also feel responsible for everything that is involved in applying our products. That is why our automotive team is keen to find the most appropriate all-in solution for each specific customer depending on their application process. We are convinced that this leads to substantial reductions in labor costs and significant increases in plant efficiency.

Concretely, for our AutoWrap line this involves:
  • Designing customized dispensers to speed up application
  • Providing AutoWrap tools (cutters, squeegee) to facilitate application
  • On-site training of the operators by our Automotive team
  • Within 24 hours support in case of problems / questions

So, why choose ABI Tape AutoWrap


  • Today 16 out of the top 20 OEMs use AutoWrap to protect their vehicles during assembly, transit and storage.


  • Our automotive team provides on-site application training, instruction manuals, support field tests, advice on the final assembly line and after sales support service.


  • AutoWrap is designed to perform even on the most convex and contoured surfaces. An easy application, easy removal and no adhesive residues are assured.


  • Our additional services are built around the TCM concept. Since we have various protective alternatives, together we will find the right solution for your assembly plant.

Learn more about Automotive Tapes & Solutions or Contact our product specialist for more information


Do you need a technical drawing of the surface that we want to protect?

No, we just need the maximum width of the surface that needs to be protected.

Do I need any tools to apply AutoWrap?

Yes. A squeegee will help to avoid air bubbles. We also have AutoWrap cutters available to prevent that the AutoWrap will pass the edges of the surface. Using a dispenser is also recommended to facilitate and speed up the application process.

Are there any conditions which must be fulfilled before applying AutoWrap?

Yes. In order to assure a sufficient tack level, make sure that the surface is dry and dust-free.

Where can I find the application instructions for AutoWrap?

Contact our automotive team in order to receive specific instructions for your application.
If desired, our team is willing to come on site to give a training.

What is the shelf life of the AutoWrap products?

6 months.